We provide mechanical design services for a wide range of project types.

Work on the projects is done by in-house mechanical designers and associates from other firms for special services and analysis as required. The lead designer / design manager has 35 years of experience in design of plastics, sheetmetal parts, machined metal parts, and many types of tooling including moulds, progressive dies, fixtures, and gauging. Design for Assembly is a specialty, as well as Design for Minimal Cost. Summary of associates and their services are below.

-Associate 1- FEA analyst -30+ years of experience, weld and structural analysis in steel fabrications is a specialty. Extensive experience applying FEA to plastic parts. Experienced plastic part and mould designer.

-Associate 2- Automation Specialist / Mechanical Designer - 25+ years of mechanical product and tool design, electro-mechanical integration,  and automation experience.

-Associate 3- Plastics designer / ultrasonic plastic welding specialist - 35+ years of experience. Design for very high volume production is an additional specialty for this associate.


-Associate 4 - Electronics Designer - 30+ years of electronics design, and has an in-house software/firmware designer on staff.

-Associate 5 - CNC Machinist / Machine Shop Owner - 30+ years in CNC and conventional machining. Consults on design optimization for machining, and can provide prototype machined parts as needed.

With the wide range and depth of experience above, we have taken on and successfully completed a large number of projects. Let us help you with yours.

  • Product design services

  • Mechanical design services

  • Product design analysis