Tonometer Project - this project was started by Dr.B.Fresco as a handmade prototype based on parts of a plastic syringe. Dr.Fresco approached Jeff Dayman of Dayman Design Inc. to redesign the device to be a manufacturable product. The product was to be made of injection mouldable plastic parts and a process-capable low rate stainless steel spring. The device was designed and developed by Jeff Dayman advised by Dr.Fresco on the clinical parameters, and later patented. It enables patients with glaucoma who need frequent checking of their intra-ocular pressure multiple times daily in conjunction with medicines to test at home with a low cost disposable device. The device is correlated in the doctor's clinic with the Goldmann Tonometer and the patient is advised of the disposable device's number reading corresponding to the Goldmann Tonometer number reading. (The Goldmann Tonometer uses a glass cylinder pressing directly on the patient's cornea, with anaesthetic. The disposable device's tip works on the eyelid, externally, so no anaesthesia or extreme cleanliness of the area or the instrument is required. ) The patient is advised that they should go immediately to clinic or hospital if the number exceeds the reading specified by the doctor, while testing at home. This early detection of high intra-ocular pressure can in some cases enable treatment to prevent the patient having permanent vision loss. 

After the product was fully developed and in production Bausch and Lomb of Rochester NY USA purchased the manufacturing rights and marketed the device as their ProView product.