Project- Smoke Alarms

 Smoke Alarm  Projects - While working at Dicon Safety Products (later American Sensors) Jeff Dayman developed several concepts and designs for the low cost battery powered smoke alarm products made by the firm, as well as being responsible for all other mechanical design projects and supervising 5 staff.  The square ribbed battery powered smoke alarm shown in the picture at right was in response to a marketing request to make a housing for the low cost smoke alarm with the same appearance / style as an existing premium class line voltage smoke alarm, for "product family resemblance". The round battery powered smoke alarm shown in the picture at right was a unique new concept without a separate defined test button - the whole top dome could deflect to test the alarm. The dome design was in response to marketing requests. Getting the directional sensitivity and alarm sound levels with such a cover without any vents was a major developmental challenge. With testing and iteration it proved to work fine , met all UL standards, and in some mounting situations was actually more sensitive than existing units. All mechanical design, modeling, detail drawings, test apparatus , planning for tooling and production, and process development tasks for these products were done by Jeff Dayman. The products were a major success in the market and are still sold in large retail outlets by the successor companies to Dicon and American Sensors. On average, before American Sensors bought the firm,  Dicon sold 3 to 4 million battery powered smoke alarms worldwide yearly.