Project-Cab Design for Logging Tractor

Logging Tractor Cab Design project - Jeff Dayman of Dayman Design Inc. Was asked to collaborate on the design of this cab by Mr. Harry Tempelman of TDT Inc. TDT Inc. had won the contract bid for this cab design from Timberjack Inc. (now part of John Deere Inc.) Timberjack had contracted an industrial design firm in Finland, Muodonmuutos Oy, to define the shape and distinctive roofline and lighting layouts, and a monocoque foot well between the scissors of the machine. Working from the ID sketches from Finland Jeff and Harry worked out a detailed concept of the cab structure, skin structure, door and window structures. All design, from the start, had to meet strict weight requirements for the cab while complying with ROPS,FOPS and OPS safety requirements. Design was carried out by Jeff and Harry and analysis of weldments was carried out by Harry as the design progressed. Once the detailed concept was approved by Timberjack engineering Jeff and Harry co-designed all parts of the cab. Most parts were iterated several times after in-process FEA analysis by Harry. When the structure was completed and analyzed Jeff and Harry went on to design all the internal fittings for seat, controls, HVAC, and wire routing in the cab. They worked with vendors of the HVAC and controls systems to optimize the internal layout, again keeping in mind ROPS FOPS and OPS standards of permissible cab structure deflection inward during catastrophic falling object or rollover events. The cab passed all structural, thermal, and acoustic tests. The final cab assembly was 100 kg under the maximum cab weight spec. The firm went on to market the tractors with these cabs very profitably and the design became the benchmark in the industry for some time. The collaboration, about 50/50 in terms of effort and hours, between Jeff and Harry was extremely successful. The work for the first cab design and a second iteration with added features was completed in about 14 months.