Project-Instrument Washer / Disinfector

Washer / Disinfector Project - SciCan Ltd. had a version of this device already on the market, that had been designed and made by a division of SciCan in Germany. The cost of the existing unit was too high for the market, there were chronic leakage and functional problems with some subsystems of the unit, and the unit was not scalable in physical height to fit under European countertops. SciCan approached Jeff Dayman of Dayman Design Inc. to redesign the device to reduce cost, fix chronic door seal leakage, door spring breakage, disinfection system fluid leaks, and wash arm function defects, and make a configurable product that could be made to suit North American or European countertops. After a redesign of all mechanical components of the wash chamber, sump, door, and external chassis / covers, models and drawings were released, prototypes units were built and tested, and production begun on the new design. The following results were achieved:

-23% product cost reduction overall (product is now profitable).

-leakage and other chronic functional defects were eliminated.

-assembly was made 10% faster than pre-redesign assembly

-by implementing a shorter chassis, and interchangeable modular top covers, one basic machine can be configured to fit under any countertop worldwide. 

Guidance was provided for the redesign parameters from SciCan's marketing group and the design was supervised by SciCan's engineering group. All mechanical design, modeling, and detail drafting was done by Jeff Dayman on this project.