Project-Imaging Machine (clinical)

Imaging Machine Project - Confidential Client, work contracted to Engineering CPR Inc. The client had developed the concept for this imaging device and had built a prototype. They wanted assistance solving some mechanical performance and function issues and to develop the prototype into a manufacturable product. They hired Engineering CPR Inc. to facilitate the overall design for manufacturability, provide mechanical and electrical design services, and to act as the contract manufacturer for the product. Engineering CPR contracted Jeff Dayman of Dayman Design Inc. to do the mechanical redesign of the internal components and subsystems of the product. Due to client confidentiality no further details can be shared regarding the product, but some images of several mechanical subsystem assemblies can be seen at right. The machine was intended to be built in low volumes, built up from machined parts and purchased parts, to be enclosed eventually by a moulded plastic housing. Mechanical design was completed, prototypes were built and fitted with prototype electronics and optical elements, and the units tested. The testing identified some technical problems with the clients' chosen electrical, optical and software components. At this stage the client took the project back in-house to work on solving their component / technology issues, the project is due to restart when they have these items developed further. It is planned to re-use as many components of the existing mechanical systems as possible as they assembled perfectly and functioned as intended.  

All mechanical design, modeling, and detail drafting was done by Jeff Dayman on this project, subcontracted to Engineering CPR Inc.