Project- Xerox Document Handler Test Rig

Xerox Document Handler Test Rig Project - While working on contract at Xerox Canada's IODU Division Jeff Dayman , working with the Xerox project  engineer, developed the design, CAD modeling, and drawings for the test rig shown at right. The project engineer was extremely busy with other projects and from the start it was decided he would provide absolute minimum guidance 1-2 hours / week and only do periodic status checks on progress of Jeff's design. The test rig was done to prove out the technology to be used in a new document handler the firm was planning to make. The product differed from previous document handlers by using a newly developed forward looking sensor array to scan the pages for copying. The paper path for this system was new and untested, and many features and systems had to be invented to enable it to work. Many adjustments for drive tension, spring forces, shaft speed and positions were designed in to allow change / test cycles to establish the optimal operating parameters for the machine. After intense design effort the rig was built as shown  and proved out the concepts and allowed all variables and adjustments to be dialed in to enable detailed product design. All paper path baffles and frames were 3D printed using an in-house FDM machine. Accurately cut flat sheetmetal side frames held everything in place and assured alignments. The test rig was relatively inexpensive to build as a result and worked well during the exhaustive testing sessions. After testing the CAD models of the rig were directly re-used in CAD to design the actual product, rather than starting the CAD for the product design from scratch. This saved significant time and money at the start of the product design.