Project- Dental Sterilizer (Steam Autoclave)

Dental Sterilizer Project - SciCan Ltd. SciCan staff approached Jeff Dayman of Dayman Design Inc. to assist the SciCan engineering team to design several subsystems and parts of the housing for a new sterilizer product, shown at right. Jeff's responsibilities included design, CAD modeling, detail drafting, and support of testing of the following items:

-Fabricated sheetmetal covers, back wall, and multi-piece chassis

-Eight litre water tank, tank cover, tank front fascia and handle, and poppet valves for input tap water

-Water receiving subsystem, working closely with other SciCan team members who designed and coordinated the cationic water filter system

-Special floating valves in the sterilization chamber to deal with the floating armature designed by other team members

-Special probes and probe seals to work with floating armature and superheated steam

-modular design / layout of the components for easier / faster field servicing

-Assisted other team members with the constructional details of the steam superheat chamber, heaters, and plumbing

-Design of housing cooling vents and fan arrangement to control heat in housing, especially during operation of the superheat chamber.

-Circuit board mounting brackets

-Assist other team members with their designs to improve / enable  producibility, particularly on large and complex plastic parts such as the front fascia cosmetic part. 

Several designs noted above resulted in patents for SciCan Ltd. 

The units assembled well and performed well in tests.

Guidance was provided for the design parameters from SciCan's marketing group and the design work was supervised by SciCan's engineering group.