Project- Cover Set for Laser Cinema Projector

IMAX contracted Jeff Dayman to design the sheetmetal cover set for the Laser GT cinema projector shown at right. An industrial designer had provided a set of renderings showing shape and colour the unit was supposed to have, as shown. It was inspired by some armoured robots in a Sci-Fi movie, reportedly. This resulted in a very complex 16 piece set of multi-piece assembly sheetmetal covers (with very few 90 degree angles and grillework, inset handles, colour contrast panels, triangular panels with sharp corners, etc). Most covers had inner and outer skins, like a car door, to enclose inner mechanisms or form air directing ducting. Some covers needed to safely block all laser light coming in and out of particular compartments. Other panels needed to be airflow-sealed and temperature controlled. Two panels needed special locking and security features to protect the movie data. All covers needed to be removeable quickly for service. This cover set was a major challenge for sheetmetal design and for fabrication, close collaboration with the manufacturing shop was required. Final parts count of sheetmetal and machined custom metal items was over 700 individual pieces. Jeff is shown at left in the shown picture to give an idea of the scale of these projectors.

These projectors have been a big success in their intended market for showing 3D movies and have proven to be mechanically robust while maintaining good appearance.