Project- Fixture for Component Life Test

Fixture - Component Life Test Project - For Research In Motion (now Blackberry Inc.). The RIM mechanical design dept. contacted Jeff Dayman to develop a fixture concept for the test and design this fixture. The purpose of the fixture was to life test thumbwheel switch components being considered for use in one of the company's products. The six parts under test were mounted on PCB's  which were held in six micrometer-adjustable bases radially about the centre of the fixture. Under the table a DC gearhead motor turned a central shaft mounted in ball bearings which rotated a turret above the table. The turret had a set of three pulleys and a belt arranged horizontally around the pulleys. The pulleys and belt were locked by a pin against rotation when running the tests. The pulleys and belt were unlocked when indexing/resetting the belt. The belt provided the frictional force to turn the component thumbwheels under test as the belt on the pulley passed each one. The belt could be indexed to expose a new rubber face to the components as the belt wore during the test. A force gauge and calibration block were included to accurately set the force being applied to the components and the mechanical position of each component on its' base. In the bottom of the unit a commercial DC bench power supply for the motor was mounted. Safety switch was included to shut off the motor if the cover was lifted during operation. An on/off switch controlled motor operation when the cover was closed. Cable mounting ports were provided on the side of the housing to allow safe and easy routing of cables monitoring the functions of the components under test.

All mechanical design, modeling, and detail drafting was done by Jeff Dayman on this project, as well as final assembly and delivery / commissioning/client signoff of the fixture at the client's test lab. The fixture was used for several years on many different components and many millions of cycles were performed on components under test with complete success.