Project- Cheque Reader Business Machine

 Cheque Reader / POS Terminal / With Cheque Franking Project - RDM mechanical design dept. contacted Jeff Dayman to develop a concept and a design for the product in collaboration with their in-house mechanical and electronic design staff. The product was designed to use a common base unit that scanned an image of the cheque, and read the MICR magnetic characters on it. The upper part of the machine was modular and could include a basic top cover as shown in the picture, or a top cover with a card reader and slot, or a top cover with a full LCD display and keypad and card reader to become a full service POS device. In use, the cheque was loaded to the grey cheque deck, detected as present and aligned for scanning, and transported through the machine on a large central roll while being scanned. Cheque data was sent to the user's bank for verification of funds. If sufficient funds were present in the user's account the cheque was run automatically through the machine a second time to be printed or "franked" with red ink letters saying "presented" or other message saying it had been accepted. The rear of the machine could be built with or without a paper roll bin and a printer, to provide a cash-register type receipt. Several circuit boards and connector ports were installed in the base under the paper transport system. Once assembled, tamper-resistant measures were built in to prevent and/or indicate unauthorized access. The top part of the machine can be opened, and the grey cheque deck can be removed for access if there should be a paper jam / stuck cheque.

All mechanical design, modeling, detail drafting, and vendor relations in preparation for manufacturing was a collaborative effort, 50/50 proportion of work roughly,  by Jeff Dayman working side by side with Glen Johannesson of RDM in-house at RDM and offsite on this project. RDM have sold many thousands of these units over many years, and still do, as their EC7000i and EC 7500i products. The products have been a major success and the mechanical assembly of the cheque / paper transport has proven to be extremely durable and reliable.