Project- Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Bartesian Cocktail Maker Project -This is Bartesian's automated cocktail making machine (see It was nominated for the award for best engineered home appliance at the 2020 CES show in Las Vegas. Oprah Winfrey placed it on her recommended gifts list for Christmas 2019. Early in the program Bartesian had prototype models for usage testing made from an industrial design firm's input, but found out that the internal structure and mechanisms they had planned were not easy to assemble, not strong enough, and were not producible designs. There were also major sealing problems with all the seals used in the machine. Dayman Design Inc. redesigned all the parts for optimal injection moulding and metalwork processes. Internal structures were strengthened, cost reduced, and lightened. Assembly was made much easier and parts count reduced by more than half. Seals were redesigned for perfect sealing under all conditions. We also put Bartesian supply chain staff in touch with reliable vendors for several parts that were difficult to source (glassware in particular). The result was the world class appliance shown, which looks great and operates beautifully. It's a hit at parties!