Testimonials about our Design Manager / Lead Designer, Jeff Dayman

Testimonial 1

"Jeff has been an excellent mechanical designer and a general wealth of technical knowledge for our company. We initially contracted Jeff to help design a problem part. The level of competence, efficiency, and quality of design led us to expand the scope to a re-design of most of our product. Jeff's aptitude for both part design and manufacturing processes is very apparent, and eliminates headaches down the road as a design is done right the first time and always manufacturable." Bryan Fedorak, Co-Founder, Bartesian

Testimonial 2


"As the Leader of the Mechanical Design Team at IMAX Corporation I met Jeff when he joined the team in the Summer of 2014. He was hired under contract to work on the IMAX GT Laser Illuminated movie projector. From the onset of his employment at IMAX I realized that Jeff would be a great asset for the first task he was given, the design of the projector covers, external and internal. Jeff was fluent on SolidWorks modeling software including advanced complex shapes. He was punctual and dedicated, he stayed focused on the job even in a busy office environment. He had a wealth of knowledge gained from past projects and hand-on experience ranging from unique fabricating methods, products and designs. This cover design was a challenging task as the covers had to meet not only cosmetic requirements but also DCI security, EMI shielding, cooling air flow routing and filtration, maintenance access and ease of handling. Jeff’ covers were built, successfully tested and certified, released for production and used on the IMAX GT Laser Illuminated movie projector to this day. Jeff presents his work well in design reviews, he interacts well with cross functional teams, he readily shares his knowledge to help others. Jeff’s last project at IMAX was the design of a sliding suspension system for the conduits used in the laser projector, another challenging task as this had to be adaptable to existing projection booths of varied sizes. This project was also successfully completed at the end of 2015. It has been a pleasure for me to get to know Jeff. I am confident that he will be a valuable asset to your company."  Paul Kucera P.Eng.

Testimonial 3


"I have worked with Jeff at both Aeryon Labs and Bartesian. Jeff was key to getting the Bartesian cocktail machine to production ready level. His design of the plastics, mechanisms, metal parts, and the seals ensured that the machine functioned as intended, parts could be manufactured, looked good, and critically, the assembly of the machine could be completed easily while consistently ensuring a quality product. He was a great support during the design process as well as with suppliers. His efforts helped move the design along quickly. Working with Jeff makes the design process easier and I highly recommend his talents." Marni McVicar, MGMT2GO